Cheapest Seoul Hotel – A Tour of My Extremely Mini Room!

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One things that really surprised me in Seoul were the high costs of living and doing just about anything.

I guess if you were to come from Europe or North America, the prices wouldn’t be too bad, but coming from Southeast Asia where prices are quite low, Seoul was very expensive.

Food and accommodation were the two main things that drove up the prices, so when I visited Seoul I really wanted to look for a place to stay that was on the cheaper side of things.

That’s when I found Seoul hotel mini rooms where you can get a private room for yourself for about $15 per night. Even a dorm bed at a Seoul hostel can cost $15 – $25 per night, but you could be crammed into a room with 10 other guests.

The mini room on the other hand is about the same price as a dorm bed, yet you get your own private room.

Another bonus of staying in the mini room was that there was free rice and kimchi all day and night so I was able to save some money on food as well!

Have you ever stayed in an officetel mini room in Seoul?

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