Lights over Lapland, has brought together some of Europe’s best photographers and Virtual Reality videographers to create three experiences for those suffering wanderlust to virtually travel to Northern Europe and visit ICEHOTEL; visit the local Arctic wilderness; meet local huskies and reindeer; go dog sledding and reindeer sledding, and even join a Northern Lights hunt.

HERE for the new Arctic adventure and Northern Lights video

  • CLICK HERE for the new Dogsledding video
  • CLICK HERE for the new Meet the locals (huskies) video
  • “I had the realisation about how incredible Virtual Reality is earlier this winter, and we started a project that would give us the opportunity to show the world just how incredible Abisko National Park and all the great experiences on offer really are – even if the audience can’t physically visit Abisko for themselves. Little did we know how relevant and necessary this would be,” said Chad Blakely, founder of Lights Over Lapland.

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