One-of Collection Introduces Together We Care Programme


Manila, Philippines — One-of Collection, the boutique hotel group that manages Amorita Resort in Panglao, Bohol, and The Funny Lion in Coron, Palawan, has actively responded to the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic by introducing its Together We CARE programme. This programme builds on the resorts’ existing health and safety protocols to protect both guests and employees while giving them peace of mind during this new era of travel. It also encourages a collective effort between staff and guests to ensure the health and well-being of everyone.

Romantic Dinner at Amorita
Romantic Dinner at Amorita

At the heart of the Together We CARE programme are the 4-point C.A.R.E. Initiatives—short for Cleaning & Safety Protocols, Actions for Health & Well-being, Responsible & Mindful Service, and Education & Advocacy.

Cleaning & Safety Protocols

By refining its current excellent practices, One-of Collection has met and even exceeded the standards and guidelines set by the Department of Tourism (DOT) and Department of Health (DOH).  One of these heightened measures is the “No Back-to-Back Room Occupancy” Policy, which maintains that each guest room shall be “locked down” for at least 24-hours after each stay prior to undergoing a thorough cleaning and disinfection process for at least another day. During the entire process, the resorts’ Housekeeping Warriors wear personal protective equipment and use hospital-grade disinfectants, antibacterial and anti-viral gels and soaps, and UV-LED lighting equipment and air purifiers.

With the enhanced focus on cleanliness and safety, sanitizing stations are also set up at the arrival areas and in other key locations. Guests’ luggage undergo spray sanitization and thorough cleaning before being brought to their rooms. Furthermore, public areas will have round-the-clock inspection and cleaning with high-touch surfaces such as bar counters, lounge chairs, pool beds, and door handles disinfected regularly.

Amorita Service Front Office
Amorita Service Front Office

Actions for Health & Well-being

To promote and ensure the health and well-being of everyone, staff are trained to be alert and careful in whatever they do, wherever they may be, all the time. Each resort is also more proactive in monitoring and maintaining the health and safety of its staff and guests within its vicinity.

When guests and staff arrive at the resort, they undergo a temperature check and are monitored for signs and symptoms of any illness. Guests must also accomplish a health questionnaire in compliance with Department of Health regulations. Wearing of facemasks and social distancing measures are enforced. Each resort also has a dedicated COVID Response Team who are trained to handle possible cases of infection.

Amorita Resort in Bohol named as Best Luxury Villa Resort at the 2019 World Luxury Hotel Awards
Amorita Resort in Bohol named as Best Luxury Villa Resort at the 2019 World Luxury Hotel Awards

Responsible & Mindful Service

While continuing to delight their guests, the staff are trained to be mindful of their actions and to implement responsible practices that ensure the health and safety of everyone at the resort, especially in shared spaces.

New service standards and practices include reducing the number of allowable guests per vehicle during airport or seaport transfers. To minimize physical contact and to lessen the amount of high-touch surfaces, guests check-in online and restaurant diners are provided with digital menus.  Meanwhile, the resorts’ pool beds are held for at least three hours in between guests’ use for thorough sanitation and disinfection.

Infinity Pool at the Funny Lion
Infinity Pool at the Funny Lion

Education & Advocacy

Safeguarding the health and safety of everyone in the community is a collective effort that has to be ingrained in the New Normal. Constantly educating staff, guests, suppliers, and partners ensures the success of each collective effort.

One-of Collection’s entire team is properly trained on the resorts’ cleanliness, health, and safety protocols. Each resort has a dedicated Health & Safety Officer who ensures strict compliance and implementation of the standards and regulations set by the different government agencies. Best practices are shared to the surrounding community, such as the promotion of hand hygiene with the distribution of soap to local schools through its Project ECHO sustainability program.

Amorita Resort Bohol Philippines
Amorita Resort Bohol Philippines

In a statement, Atty. Nikki Cauton, One-of Collection’s Chief Executive Officer, shares that their Together We CARE programme stemmed from the company’s core value of caring or “malasakit” that is ingrained in each of the boutique hotel group’s employees which they hope to pass on to their guests.

“As we go through this challenging time, we remember what makes us one—our core value Malasakit. It is not a word that we have in mind; it is something that we live by and take to heart.”

The pandemic may have redefined travel, but One-of Collection continues to provide infinitely delightful experiences. Its signature brand of hospitality has always been centered on warm and caring service but is now refreshed with enhanced health and safety for all. One-of Collection’s Together We CARE programme reaffirms the boutique hotel group’s commitment to delivering only the highest quality of service and guest experiences from arrival to departure during this New Normal.

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