Our Own Expertly Sourced Coffee Beans—Plus a Guide to Making a Great Cup

If you want to get more technical: Weight is a much more reliable measure than volume, so switching from a coffee scoop to a scale will result in true consistency. Most baristas use a ratio to determine how much water and coffee grounds should be used: fifteen-to-one for a strong cup and seventeen-to-one for a milder cup. We did some of the math for preparing an eight-ounce (226-gram) cup of coffee—because no one should be doing calculations uncaffeinated.

For one strong cup: 226 grams water and 15 grams ground coffee. For one milder cup: 226 grams water and 13 grams ground coffee.

Play around with your ratios until you’ve nailed it and you’ll never have to do coffee math again.

This Roman and Williams mug is the one that you’ll gravitate toward every day despite the fact that you have an entire shelf to choose from. You know it doesn’t make any sense, but the glazed porcelain feels so good in your hand, and look how pretty and rustic it is. How to be more extra: Prewarm your mug. Fill it with hot water for a minute or so just before serving, then dump the hot water and pour in your coffee. It will stay warmer longer.