How to Make Your (Tiny) Gathering Special

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This year, the holidays are going to have to be much smaller in scale than what many of us are used to. While we’re missing our families and friends, we’re determined to celebrate and make the holidays as beautiful and memorable as we can. At goop, we’re cooking food to remind us of the people we love, and we’re setting out the good stuff—everything from an all-out luxe party tray and an epic flatware capsule to new wine glasses and touches of color everywhere we look. We asked six goop staffers to share what they’re planning in terms of scaled-down (but still fabulous) entertaining—plus their tips for making it all happen with ease.

Cook the Favorites of the People You Miss Most

“Holidays have always tasted a little different in my family: We never do a traditional American Thanksgiving—instead, we have braised short ribs, fritters, and lots of kimchi. I never feel like I’m missing out; these are the foods that mean celebration in my culture. So this year, my husband and I plan to make this meaningful (and delicious) meal in our Caraway set. It’s perfect for when you have multiple recipes going on the stove at the same time. We’re sad we won’t be with our families, but we’ll still have a taste of home.”

—Diana Ryu, chief of staff

  1. Caraway Ceramic Cookware Set

    Ceramic Cookware Set
    goop, $395


Go Mad Men for Hors d’Oeuvres

“I love entertaining, and normally I do a huge grazing table overflowing with cheese and charcuterie, fruit and nuts, veggies and dip—the whole nine. That serving style is too risky these days with all the shared utensils and the community chip bowl. So instead, I’m making individually portioned party bites, which might be a little fussier but also feel kind of Mad Men–esque. This fun and fanciful MOOD Party tray from Christofle could not be more luxurious, and it also makes my bite strategy easy—each type of bite gets its own chic little porcelain compartment. (My favorite is the miniature walnut board.) The drop-dead gorgeous, cool egg-shaped silverware caddy sits right at center, and it’s brilliant: The silver-plated flatware is appetizer-specific, so guests just help themselves to whatever they need. They can spear olives with cocktail picks or grab butter knives to slather Camembert on crusty baguette. And someday, when we all go back to normal, the whole setup will work just as beautifully with my overflowing style, too.”

—Caitlin O’Malley, food director

  1. Christofle

    mood Party 24-Piece Silver-Plated
    Flatware Set with Storage Capsule

    Christofle, $985


  2. Christofle Stainless Steel MOOD Party Tray

    Stainless Steel MOOD Party Tray
    Christofle, $985


Elevate Your Margarita

“Cocktail napkins for your small crew: Do it! I love these gorgeous stitched linen ones. Formal isn’t my style, but these are such a fun touch for leveling up the spicy mezcal margaritas I’ve perfected while staying at home this year—the key is Tajín.”

—Samantha Saiyavongsa, associate editor

  1. SFERRA Happy Hour Cocktail Napkins

    Happy Hour Cocktail Napkins
    goop, $40


Go Pink—It’s Glamorous and Soothing at Once

“These pale-pink glass bowls make me feel calm, cool, and chic just looking at them, which is no small thing in the months of moremoremore! I love them for mixing up anything from breakfast eggs to fancy-evening risotto (try making risotto in the microwave, people: life-changing). I also love the pink with red at the table—I have some red Hermès pieces that I live for and red candles from Knorr.”

—Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director

  1. Mosser Glass 3-Piece Pink Glass Mixing Bowl Set

    Mosser Glass
    3-Piece Pink Glass

    Mixing Bowl Set

    goop, $85


Refresh the Table with a
Gorgeous Vase

“This deep-green handblown vase looks absolutely stunning arranged with a few branches picked up off of the street. Deli flowers work, too. It’s the quickest, chicest way to transform the same table I’ve been eating dinner at every night (and occasionally working from) for the past however many months.”

—Simone Kitchens, senior features editor

  1. Raawii Relae Glass Vase

    Relae Glass Vase
    goop, $110


Splurge on Wine (and Glasses)

“The holidays are my favorite. Everything this year is going to be smaller, so it’s got to be more memorable. I’m breaking out my fancy wine (I love Transcendent Cabernet Sauvignon from Black Stallion Winery) and my special hand-blown wine glasses from Zalto.”

—Iyana Stewart, social media coordinator

  1. Zalto Universal Wine Glass

    Hand-Blown Bordeaux Wine Glass
    goop, $64