We’re pretty good at test-driving the latest and greatest in wellness, beauty, and beyond, sifting
through products to find the ones that we can count on and also love to use. But it’s not always that easy—nor do
most people have the time—to be constantly vetting things. That’s why curated boxes are brilliant. They come with
everything you need for a certain purpose, be it having a sexy date night at home or learning to do something new
(pottery or gardening, anyone?). These are some of the best kits, gift boxes, and starter sets for nearly every type of person—from the hobbyist, to the foodie, to the person who wants to live longer, and more—so you can spend less time finding the right things and more time doing the thing.

  1. BE WELL

    Our wellness kit is a curation of feel-better health-supporting essentials. There’s Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C,
    a high-potency, easy-to-take gel that contains 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C—more than 1,000 percent of the
    Daily Value. Then there are our two-a-day Perfect Attendance chews with elderberry extract: On top of being
    good for you, they taste like a treat. Also included is a soothing herbal tea we swear by, raw manuka honey
    (a rare, pure, and potent type from New Zealand), and a set of Ayurvedic oils from UMA for the diffuser, the bath,
    or a calming massage. It’s the ultimate care package for a friend with a cold, a lifesaver once that first
    sniffle of the season hits, or a day-to-day immunity boost.

    goop Home Wellness Box


    Whether you’re coupled up or not, this date-night box has everything you need for a sexy evening. First,
    we’d be remiss if we did not include the candle that (nearly) broke the internet. It smells like a sultry
    cloud of rose, geranium, and bergamot. Then we added a chic and luxurious box of velvety chocolates
    made by Thomas Keller (the secret ingredient is olive oil), the Ballerina vibrator that our wellness
    director says feels extraordinary,
    a fragrance-free water-based lube that looks totally cool on your nightstand, and a silky massage oil with
    vitamin E and sunflower-seed and coconut oils.

    goop Home DATE-NIGHT BOX


    This clean oral-care kit is completely free of the additives, parabens, and artificial flavors that are
    used in many conventional products. The toothbrush is made from biodegradable plastic with activated
    charcoal bristles, and the floss uses vegetable wax instead of Teflon and petroleum. What makes this set
    unique: The mint toothpaste ditches fluoride in favor of hydroxyapatite, a gold-standard gentle ingredient
    that’s been used in Japanese dentistry for over forty years. And we love the simple tongue cleaner, which is
    extremely satisfying to use.



    Our glow-boosting bestsellers in one bundle? Check. Our senior beauty editor, Megan O’Neill, says this kit
    makes a foolproof present: “Give this to anyone of any age with any skin type and they will go into
    raptures and, later, go into raptures again over their new next-level glow.” First, there’s the jar of
    air-whipped, marshmallow-like Microderm. It’s both a physical and chemical exfoliator, so it smooths out
    uneven texture and roughness with glycolic acid and microcrystals. Then there are three sachets of the
    citrusy, antioxidant-loaded Morning Skin Superpowder drink. And to make it a whole routine, we added three of our
    glycolic acid peel pads—an intense overnight treatment that brightens skin while you sleep.



    No matter their hair type, this is a set that everyone—including yourself—will want. It comes with a classic
    boar-bristle brush, which helps distribute natural oils for healthy, shiny hair. Also included: a
    pocket-size detangling comb (chic enough to keep in your purse); a luxe, frizz-reducing microfiber towel
    that our beauty team is obsessed with; and a moisturizing hair oil. What makes the kit special is the tiny
    green three-minute hourglass—a gentle suggestion to slow down and take a break.

    Crown Affair THE SET


    Remember the year everyone was doing DNA ancestry tests? We’re raising the bar with this health index test
    developed by a Yale professor. It reads your biological age (not the one you celebrate every calendar year)
    by looking at your genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors, then it shows how fast you’re aging
    by finding and analyzing specific epigenetic biomarkers in your DNA. The kit has everything you need
    to take your own saliva sample (funnel, tray, sleeve) and a bag to mail it back in. It takes around six
    weeks to get your results, and it’ll come with a booklet of recommendations for healthy living so that you can
    make lifestyle changes based on your own numbers.

    Elysium Health INDEX


    For those with victory-garden lust but no space to plant one, here’s a solid kit with all the supplies for
    growing healthy and delicious microgreens. No worries if you don’t have much of a green thumb: It comes with
    instructions, though all you really have to do is add water, soak your seed quilts, and let the reusable
    grow tray hang out on a sunny kitchen windowsill. In a week, you’ll be harvesting tiny broccoli and
    microgreens—tasty in salads, sandwiches, and soups.



    In traditional Chinese medicine, there are dozens of acupressure points in the ear that correspond to
    different areas of the body. Ear seeds look
    pretty, and they’re an easy way to stimulate these points. This kit comes with special tweezers so you can
    apply the twenty-four-karat gold-plated seeds (it also comes with Swarovski crystal ones in case you want a
    little bling). The instruction booklet has a map of the ten most common auricular acupuncture points, so you
    can target the areas that correspond to your intentions.



    Making pottery can be therapeutic, plus you get to keep your cute little creations with the satisfaction of
    knowing that you made them by hand. All you need to complete this kit is the kiln (many local studios will
    let you fire and glaze your work for a fee): You’ll get the clay, carving tools, and illustrated
    instructions on how to build your clay into naturally flecked vases, plates, cups, or whatever your heart

    Crockd The Original Crockd Kit


    If you prefer your kits to be edible, this one comes with enough sushi rice and nori (plus rice vinegar
    powder, sesame seeds, and wasabi powder) to make eight rolls (forty-eight pieces) of sushi at home. It also
    comes with a bamboo rolling mat and easy-to-follow instructions, so the whole family can get involved—all
    you have to do is choose your filling.

    Global GrubDIY SUSHI KIT


    For anyone who’s into kitchen experimentation or the person who is always asking for more lemons, Acid
    League living vinegars kick just about anything—from cocktails to dressings—up a notch. Living vinegar is
    raw and unfiltered, so it has a full, complex flavor. The ones from Acid League, which are developed by
    chefs, bartenders, and food scientists, are fermented with a variety of fruits, vegetables, spices, and
    herbs. They’re unique and surprisingly fun to use—plus you can put together your own kits that include
    bestselling flavors, like Meyer Lemon Honey or Garden Heat, and more-experimental editions, like roasted
    coconut or honey yuzu.

    Acid League THE BIG LEAGUE KIT