Philippines Food in Manila – Best BANANA EGG ROLLS (Turon) at Mang Tootz Food House!

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Mang Tootz Food House is a famous Philippines food restaurant in Manila, located in the heart of the city next to University of Santo Tomas. Because it’s next to a major university, it attracts quite a crowd of hungry students everyday, along with anyone else passing by and ready to eat a delicious Filipino food meal and some of the best banana egg rolls (turon) you’ll ever try.

Mang Tootz Food House is a carinderia, a local style eatery, and to eat you go up to the front of the restaurant and pick and choose the different dishes you want to try. I got a plate of Bicol express, inihaw na liempo, sisig, chicken kebab, ginataang langka, and finally, their banana rhuma, which is what they call their version of banana egg rolls, or banana lumpia, or turon.

Out of the Filipino dishes I ordered, the Bicol express, a Filipino stew of pork with coconut milk and chilies, and the ginataang langka, a jackfruit stew with coconut milk, were my favorite dishes of the meal. The chicken kebab wasn’t my favorite dish as it was covered in a mayonnaise tasting sauce.

Banana-rhuma (turon) – Ok finally, when you eat at Mang Tootz Food House, the one sure thing you have to order is their banana rhuma. These little banana egg rolls are amazing, and you’ll see them at the front of the restaurant being made and deep friend. Many people come by in the afternoon and order only the banana egg rolls, just as a snack to go. They take a lumpia wrapper, place a piece of banana on the inside, wrap it up, and deep fry it in a wok to a crispy golden crunch. The banana egg rolls are then stir fried with a caramel like mixture,and sprinkled with sesame seeds. I’m not a big sweets lover, but when Filipino turon are hot and fresh, they are truly amazing, and these were the best I’ve ever tried.

Total price for meal – 365 PHP ($7.34)

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