Spring Refresh: Cocktails, Sundresses, and Cosmic Dating Apps Included

Spring Refresh: Cocktails, Sundresses, and Cosmic Dating Apps Included


In partnership with our friends at Patrón Tequila

Longer days, warmer temperatures, and a feeling of potential in the air—thank you, spring. Four of goop’s own share
how they’re embracing the season of reset and refresh.


Caitlin O’Malley

food director

Sip on This

I’m taking advantage of spring weather by sitting on my porch at magic hour with my husband and a cocktail.
My current go-to is this Hibiscus and Tequila Spritz. It’s a refreshing, easy sipper that’s simple to throw
together. I’ve been using Patrón
Reposado tequila
, and it makes a huge difference. The flavor is one
thing—it’s incomparably smooth—but I really appreciate the highest-quality raw ingredients and that there
are no additives: no glycerin, caramel coloring, oak extracts, or
sugar-based syrups.

  1. Hibiscus and Tequila Spritz

    Hibiscus and Tequila Spritz


Shoe In

Crisp white sneakers are classic for a reason. I loved them as a kid, love them as an adult, and will
probably wear them well into my eccentric old-lady days.

  1. Veja Esplar Lace-Up Sneakers

    goop, $109


Cait Moore

Cait Moore

associate director of experiential marketing

Shake Up

My workweek breakfast is usually a smoothie, but recently I’ve been in a smoothie rut. And by recently,
I mean I’ve made the same smoothie every morning for the last 1 million days. But I got up the courage
to venture out of my comfort zone a little and started adding Four Sigmatic’s plant-based protein. One
day maybe I’ll get crazy enough to try a whole new recipe. Baby steps.

  1. Four Sigmatic Superfood Protein Packets

    Four Sigmatic
    Superfood Protein Packets
    goop, $40


Throw Down

I just had a new linen slipcover made for my couch in an effort to spice up my living room without having
to commit to a whole new couch situation. As an added bonus, it gave me an excuse to buy some new throw
pillows. This cashmere one is dreamy, but I love everything Aiayu

  1. AIAYU Handspun Cashmere Pillow

    goop, $408


  1. Frock Stars

    My dream sundress is one that allows me to sit in the grass without fear of getting dirty—or being able
    to see the dirt. And of course: must have pockets. This Xirena dress checks both boxes beautifully.

    This dress from Rhode is also on my wish list for when I have friends and a life again. Look how cute and
    fun I’ll be!

  2. Xirena Dress

    goop, $345


  3. Rhode Dress

    goop, $455


Samantha Saiyavongsa

Samantha Saiyavongsa

senior programming manager

That’s a Wrap

I can’t stop thinking about the Curry Chicken Salad Summer Rolls from goop Kitchen, our new delivery
concept in Los Angeles. If I lived on the Westside, I would probably order from goop Kitchen every day.
Everything on the menu is colorful, clean, and super flavorful, so it’s inspiring me at home right now. I’m
going to try making these homemade spring rolls with a bunch of fresh spring veggies. You could even swap
out the rice paper for crisp butter lettuce (another hot tip I learned from the goop Kitchen menu). Here’s hoping chef Kim Floresca will drop the mango chutney recipe soon.

Editor’s note: Chef Kim did indeed drop the recipe.

  1.  Chicken Curry Salad Summer Rolls

    Chicken Curry Salad Summer Rolls



I’ve been spinning out over how to update my apartment now that I’m living without a roommate for the first
time, which is how designer Justina Blakeney, the founder of Jungalow, got her start. She moved to a
500-square-foot 1920s
bungalow and started experimenting with plants and patterns and colors. Her new book, Jungalow: Decorate
documents her journey, and it’s been inspiring me to think beyond my white walls and more deeply
about my personal identity. I love how she incorporates elements from her heritage and travels and how she
embraces standing out and the magic of the mix and the in-between of things.

  1. Justine Blakeney Jungalow: Decorate Wild

    Justine Blakeney
    Jungalow: Decorate Wild
    Bookshop, $37


Star Crossed

A few years ago, I started using Co-Star, the horoscope app, as a not-so-secret way of checking out the
natal charts of anyone I was interested in dating. I’ve been single for a while, and now that we’re having
some nice warm-weather days in LA, I’ve decided to hit the dating apps once again. So back to Co-Star: I’ve
always thought it would be genius if there was a dating option in the app, where you could match with people
based on your cosmic chemistry. Turns out it already exists. The app Struck uses your birth chart to pair
you with astrologically compatible people. It’s hard to get excited about yet another dating app, but
I’m willing to receive a little help from the stars this spring.

  1. Struck App

    Struck App
    Struck, free


Alexis Antoniadis

Alexis Antoniadis

social media manager

Glow Getter

When spring rolls around, I use it as an excuse to refresh everything in my life—especially my beauty
routine. I always transition a few key products. My heavier face cream gets shelved in favor of something a
little lighter. I’ve been loving the new GOOPGLOW Glow Lotion because it feels extremely light on my skin
but still hydrates and leaves a fresh silky finish.

  1. goop Beauty GOOPGLOW Glow Lotion

    goop Beauty
    GOOPGLOW Glow Lotion
    goop, $58/$52 with subscription


In Bloom

Changing up my perfume is another fun seasonal update. My spring scent will forever be Florgasm by Heretic.
It smells like a perfect flower field but in a subtle, casual way. I don’t like anything too overwhelming,
and this scent is just right.

  1. Heretic Florgasm

    goop, $165