Visit Mexico – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Mexico

Whether you are visiting Cancun or Cabo for the beaches and Margaritas or if you are heading to Mexico City for work or where ever you may be heading in Mexico, We have come up with 10 things that SHOCK travelers and tourists when they visit Mexico. From amazing people to food that looks and tastes nothing like your local Mexican restaurant to Montezuma’s Revenge… Here are our 10 favorite shocks of vacationing in Mexico.
Filmed at Chichen Itza, Mexico
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10 Shocks of Visiting Mexico
1. How amazing the People are
2. How you don’t lick it, slam it, suck it with the Tequila in Mexico
3. How much culture there is to visit in Mexico from Mayan and Aztec sights to Spanish colonials sights and Mexican history. Not to mention natural history sights.
4. The Food is so much better than anything you have had at a Mexican restaurant back home.
5. How Cabo & Cancun might not be the most authentic destinations for seeing the “true” Mexico.
6. Montezuma’s Revenge. When traveler’s diarrhea gets you… it gets you here, so don’t drink the water.
7. Lack of toilet seats…
8. The Weather: yes the weather is amazing in Mexico but remember to stay hydrated (not just margaritas) and wear sun block.
9. The driving is insane…
10. How much you have to negotiate and bargain in the markets and with taxis
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