Myanmar Food at Feel Restaurant – One of the BEST Restaurants in Yangon, Myanmar for Burmese Food!

Feel Myanmar is a well known restaurant in Yangon, Myanmar, that serves just about every type of Burmese / Myanmar food you can imagine. Read my full post here:

When I asked on a video about some suggestions for where to eat on my latest trip to Yangon, Myanmar, probably the most mentioned restaurant I was recommended was Feel Myanmar – it’s kind of like a Yangon institution, a well known restaurant that has everything type of food you can imagine – it’s local, and attracts a huge range of both Yangon residents and visitors. When I first arrived, I have to admit that I was a little on the disappointed side, mainly because I didn’t see the curries at first. Ying and I took a table outside, and the waiter handed us a menu – but I didn’t want a menu, I wanted the Burmese food curry buffet. So I asked the waiter, and he nodded, and led me into a room on the left side of the restaurant.

What I faced was one of the most spectacular displays of pre-made curry I’ve seen anywhere. There literally must have been hundreds of different prepared Myanmar dishes, all ready to be ordered, not to mention an army of staff waiting to serve you whatever you please. I have to admit that I went a little crazy, pointing to as many dishes as I could, without realizing how many dishes I had ordered – I was quite excited. The food all looks outstanding.

After ordering all the dishes, our waiter then served all the Burmese / Myanmar foods to our table. Probably my favorite dish of the meal was the mutton curry, a beautiful blend of softly curried mutton, with a marvelous blend of spices. It was a little oily, but the flavor was unbelievable. I also ordered some braised pork belly, which was cooked quite plain, but it was so tasty, mainly from the sweet onions it was cooked with. All the other dishes at Feel Myanmar restaurant were excellent too.

I think Feel Myanmar Restaurant in Yangon has found a great balance of variety, delicious food, and still keeps their cuisine quite local and authentic. One thing that really stands out is that they literally have hundreds of dishes for you to choose some – so believe me – you won’t run out of things to order. I think it’s a great introduction to eating Burmese / Myanmar food, when you’re in Yangon – it’s a place you should definitely eat at.

Feel Myanmar Food Restaurant, Yangon
Address: 124, Pyi Htaung Su Yeikthar St. (btwn Padonmar & Myoma Kyaung St.), Yangon, YGN 11191, Myanmar
Open hours: 6 am – 8:30 pm daily
Prices: How to get there: Feel Myanmar Food restaurant is located just down the road from the National Museum, and about a 1,000 – 1,500 Kyats taxi ride from central downtown Yangon

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