He’s 129!! World’s Oldest Street Food Vendor!? | Pattani, Thailand

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Welcome to Pattani, Thailand! This is just a short clip video today to recognize and honor a man who might be the world’s oldest street food vendor.

Uncle, how old are you? 129 years old!

Now here’s the thing, he was born before Thailand started numbering the years, and so he doesn’t have an official ID card. But what we do know is that his oldest son is 80 plus years old. So even if he’s over 100 that’s absolutely remarkable. Even the fact that he stands there all day, selling, and chatting is incredible.

But not only does Uncle sell candy, he jogs every Friday around the bridge, and he rides the motorcycle. And he still makes the toffee himself starting at 3 am. It takes 3 hours to stir, and another two hours to pull and stretch out until it’s ready. He also happens to love cracking jokes, and if you start talking with him, he’ll laugh, he’ll tell stories, and he’ll start joking around.

Beyond legendary, there’s so much we can learn from Uncle, his lifestyle, his friendliness, and how he serves others. This is what I think is his recipe for a long life.

Aganin, we can’t verify he’s 129 years old, but that’s what he says! And no matter what, he’s one of the world’s oldest street food vendors without a doubt.

Thanks to Yaseen (https://youtu.be/J4Zv36D6cCs) for bringing me here!

Thank you for watching and hope you’re having a fantastic day!



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