Table Size Naan!! INDIAN FOOD – Giant Kebab Meal Cooked in the Tandoor!!

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BANGKOK, THAILAND – Welcome to Bangkok! Today we’re going to Charcoal Tandoor Grill, an Indian restaurant that specializes in all food cooked in the tandoor oven. From kebabs, to dal, to the biggest naan I’ve ever seen – literally the size of the table or blanket – we’re going to feast on an amazing tandoori meal!

Charcoal Tandoor Grill – They have a great concept, focus on serving food, all food, cooked in the tandoor oven. And as Prerak the manager explained to me, the restaurant also has roots in rural areas of India where people living in villages would hunt for game, and then roast everything in a fire, sharing with the community. They also only use charcoal tandoor clay ovens, no gas fires, which I think makes a huge difference in the taste and quality of the food.

We ordered a huge mix of tandoori specialties including an entire leg of lamb, chicken kebabs, a tandoori lobster, dal Charcoal style, biryani, and finally the massive family sized naan.

The food was extraordinary, you could taste the thick layers of spices and marinades, and the layers of smokiness from the tandoor cooking process. What I love so much about tandoori food is that the fire is so hot, and so it scorches the outside, yet the insides of what you cook remains so juicy and tender. This was the case for everything we ate. Really outstanding and tasty food.

Next, we had one of their famous biryanis. To be honest I was blown away, the fragrance and fluffiness was out of control. The tenderness of the lamb just melted in your mouth. Highly recommended to go with your kebabs.

Finally, for dessert we had what they call “the tree of life,” a mango tree filled with mangoes that were shaped into mangoes, yet made from Indian alphonso mangoes and soy milk and froze. It was a perfect way to end this amazing Indian food meal in Bangkok.

NOTE: This video is not sponsored, I arranged to eat here and film a video because I had heard great things about their tandoori food and their giant naan. However, after I asked for the bill, they insisted that I not pay for our meal. That being said prices range from about 400 – 600 THB per dish, with the lamb and lobster being about 1,500 THB each.

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