The Unseen LAWA PEOPLE FOOD!! | 20 Kilo Meat Salad w/ COOLEST AUNTY in the Mountains!

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MAE HONG SON, THAILAND (แม่ฮ่องสอน) – Welcome to Mae Hong Son (แม่ฮ่องสอน), located in the very northwestern corner of Thailand. Today, we are visiting a Hill Tribe Village of the Lawa People (ลัวะ). While many people groups in Northern Thailand trace their ancestry to South China (Yunnan) and Myanmar, the Lawa People (ลัวะ) are an indigenous to Thailand. They are cooking a unique dish, which is called to-sabuak, basically a boiled meat salad full of local herbs. So let’s learn about the amazing Lawa People of Thailand! #Thailand #MaeHongSon #ThaiFood

Ban La Oop Village (บ้านละอูบ) is located near Mae Sariang in Mae Hong Son Province of Thailand. The village itself is spectacularly beautiful, on the peaks of mountains where they grow beans, starches, and now coffee. When we arrived they were ready to get started for our main dish. To make it, they simply boiled pork in water until it was fully cooked. I think one of the main key steps though was the roasted chilies which were charred before being pounded. When the pork was ready, they sliced it all up, and mixed it with chilies, lemongrass, coriander, and salt. The result was basically a pork boiled salad, full of vibrant local herbs.

It dawned on me, this could really be an original food of Thailand, an ancient method of cooking and simple technique of combining meat with herbs for seasoning.

It was delicious, simple, and satisfying.

It was also really cool to hang out with the Lawa People (ลัวะ) and especially to hang out with Aunty!

📍 Ban La Oop Village (บ้านละอูบ): – Ban La Oop Village (บ้านละอูบ) offers community tourism programs, including home-stays, learning about the local silver, local food, coffee, and other activities throughout the village. You can contact the community via their FB page to arrange: Highly recommended, it’s a spectacular place.



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