Pro Grandma Chef – 50 YEARS COOKING!! Insane Thai Street Food in Songkhla (สงขลา), Thailand!

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📍 Nong Yao Restaurant (ร้านอาหารนงเยาว์ (ป่าไม้ เจ้าเก่า):

SONGKHLA, THAILAND (สงขลา) – Welcome to Songkhla, a province, and city in southern Thailand. It’s one of my favorite places in Thailand, with a fantastic mix of people, history, and delicious food. Today we’re going to eat at a legendary Thai rice and curry restaurant called Nong Yao Restaurant (ร้านอาหารนงเยาว์ (ป่าไม้ เจ้าเก่า). They serve many unique Thai dishes that are rarely available elsewhere.

The restaurant is so laid back and very locally popular. Aunty has been cooking for around 50 years, and her cooking skills are insane. She tosses ingredients in, sloshes things around, all within an ancient kitchen.

Along with you variety of Southern Thai rice and curry, you have to try something that you have to eat in Songkhla is called kai krob, which are salted egg yolks and two are stuck together – they sort of look like a butt!

This place serves amazing food, highly recommended when you visit Songkhla, Thailand.

📍 Nong Yao Restaurant (ร้านอาหารนงเยาว์ (ป่าไม้ เจ้าเก่า):



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