Shabu Shabu in Taipei (富樂台式涮涮鍋)

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One day we were in the Shilin District of Taipei and ready to have lunch. After doing a search on Foursquare, I found a shabu shabu hot pot restaurant nearby and we decided to check it out. Hot pot is one of the most popular meals in Taiwan, and I especially like it because it’s fun to cook, and it’s a good way to eat – plus you get to eat delicious sauce!

Here’s the restaurant:

The restaurant was pretty local Taiwanese style, and the menu was all in Chinese, so I just ordered a plate of pork for my wife, and a plate of beef for me. The plate of vegetables came complimentary, and the beef came in thin rolls. The soup was plain, but boiling hot and we each had our own hot pot.

One of the things I really liked about 富樂台式涮涮鍋 is that they had an all you can eat sauce bar – so you could get a bowl and then pile in as many things as you wanted into your sauce – I chose garlic and chilies, and some kind of dark sauce.

Overall, my wife and I both really enjoyed out meal at this hot pot shabu shabu restaurant in Taipei, and I’d recommend it to you if you’re in the area.

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